Nike. McDonald’s. Adidas.

Logos of these behemoths are so famous their design monikers (Swoosh, Golden Arches, Three Stripes respectively) have more recall value than most billion-dollar enterprises.

Branding matters a lot, at every level — from your local kirana shop to the nearest Big Bazaar.

An entrepreneur gaining financial freedom through Meesho is running a small business in their own right. But for a person in Gorakhpur, Warangal, or Sangli, design help to create a logo is hard to come by.

Ask my team — we took over 3 months to find a 3D designer to illustrate cover images like the one you see on this blog (Thank you, Rahul!). But, I digress.

This story is about how we launched a simple feature on our app to help millions of entrepreneurs legitimise their growing business with strong branding.

Let me introduce you to our ‘Logo creator’.

What is this feature?

Put simply, this feature helps an entrepreneur create a logo from over 100 design presets, 24 fonts, and 24 colour options.

This logo can be downloaded in high resolutions to use both in-app and offline.

In fact, one of the coolest things we’ve observed — entrepreneurs using the logo as their WhatsApp display pictures.

Constructing the golden arches 🦺

As with most projects at Meesho, we identified the problem statement through User Testing.

Our entrepreneurs operated on WhatsApp and social media — mostly, Facebook Marketplace. A significant majority asked for ways to improve the trust factor, since many customers were using e-commerce for the first time.

An entrepreneur has to gain the trust of a consumer before taking an order. We identified that legitimising small businesses would in turn improve the trust factor and increase sales.

Logos seemed to be an obvious solution. When we asked our entrepreneurs if such a feature would be helpful, we received an overwhelmingly positive response.

We had our next project.

Designing and tinkering 🧑‍🎨

Designing any graphic is a tougher process than meets the eye — just ask any of our Design & UR folks ;)

We wanted our solution to be two-pronged: make it intuitive and easy to use for our entrepreneurs, while reducing the workload on our backend teams.

However, we also didn’t want entrepreneurs to choose from a limited number of options. Every small business deserves their own unique solution.

Our Design team came up with over 100 presets. These could then be used with 24 fonts across 24 colours.

These were simple, solid, and 2D. We didn’t want to overwhelm the entrepreneurs by making the system too complicated.

Three months of work went into conceptualising, designing, and executing the logo creator.

This feature could generate over half a million unique logos, all through a few clicks!

Grand unveiling 🎊

How does one go about creating a logo on our app?

Three easy steps.

  • Enter Business Names
  • Select logo from hundreds of presets
  • Select logo font and colour

And voila! Your logo is ready to use in 30 seconds.

This isn’t an exaggeration — take a look at this gif to confirm our audacious claims.


We realise our best feature is only as good as its impact.

And boy, did our logo creator have an impact.

Till date, over 5.2 million logos have been created through this feature!

This number continues to grow massively. Currently, entrepreneurs create over 10,000 logos a day.

This might seem like a small feature. But even an incremental upgrade to an entrepreneur’s small business helps convert into financial independence.

We want to democratise internet commerce for everyone — this is a step in the right direction.

Huge thanks to our Product Analyst Akshika Verma for helping me write this blog!

Want to help us reimagine e-commerce for the next billion and innovate through features such as the logo creator? Head to our careers page to check our openings 💼